Cheese Making Classes

Dear Friends,

     Welcome and thank you for your interest in our artisanal cheese making classes. We look forward to sharing our passion for great cows, pure fresh milk and the taste of sumptuous homemade cheeses with you.

    We will begin each class with the essential ingredients - milk, cream, culture and rennet and their roles and importance to the flavor and texture of the final cheese. These are hands- on classes, so you will experience an authentic culinary journey. From these classes you will have the knowledge to make fresh and hard cheeses at home to share with family and friends.

     Please find below the classes and information. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me anytime.

 I look forward to sharing a day in the life of a cheese maker and farmer with you.

  Bon Appetit !  

Kimberly                                                                                                                                                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 Cheese Making Classes:

The cheese making classes are small classes usually five or six individuals per class and are held from early April to the end of October each year. If you have a gift certificate for a class, please choose a date from the drop down menu which is located on the website page for that class, then email me and I'll reserve that class for you. 

 ** Please note our cancellation policy for the Cheese Classes:  We really want you to enjoy your time making Cheese, so if you cannot make it to your scheduled class, if you can, let us know a couple of days in advance. Then you  have two options, the first is to allow someone else you know to replace you in your class or choose another upcoming class to attend. Simply put, this is your day to make cheese.

1.Favorites Class: 1-1/2 hour Class - $97.00/person -  Introduction to making Butter, Yogurt and Creme Fraiche      There is simple nothing better than cooking or baking with fresh home made butter...everything tastes pure and smooth. Just add a dollop of berries or homemade preserves to a cup of Yogurt for a healthy and refreshing treat. 

Thorncrest Farm Milk


    2. Farmstead Fresh Class :  3- 4 Hour Class -$ 179.00/person - Mozzarella & Ricotta
    This is Farmstead Fresh at its best... in this class we will start by milking a cow and discuss the importance of quality milk and cream for cheese making and why I chose that particular cow - her nutrition, stage of lactation and pedigree, to make the fresh delicious Ricotta and Mozzarella which will be the highlight of this cheese making class.  From there we'll proceed into the Creamery where we'll  learn the joys of making these two fresh cheeses, including the equipment and ingredients needed. From this class you will have the knowledge, experience, recipes and the cheese you make to take home to enjoy. 


3. Fromage Delight Class : 5- 6 Hour Class ( or longer - keep your day open for this class) $259.00/person - Traditional Cheddar, Farmhouse Cheddar, Creme Fraiche & Ricotta

 This class is for those who wish to learn more about in-depth cheese making. We'll discuss cultures, enzymes, the cheddar process, affinage, the complex flavors of cheddars, the delectable Creme Fraiche and how to make delicious Ricotta. We begin with fresh warm milk from the mornings milking to finished cheese. You will take your cheese home to age and ripen the wheels to explore the incredible joys of aging cheddar.  With the hands-on experience, the recipes and cheese to begin with, you will be ready to take your cheese making to the next level.

Please wear comfortable shoes which you don't mind getting wet and bring a water bottle or refreshment if you desire. 



  4. Private Class/ Day on the Farm:  $1,899.00 - Full Day

      A private full day farm and cheese making class. Call for details of activities included. Each private class/day is customized to meet your needs and experience to fully enjoy the life on the farm.


                  Gift Certificates for The Cheese Making Classes -
The perfect gift for the "foodie" in your life. They will absolutely love it! 
 Each gift certificate is valid for one year from purchase.

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Butter & Yogurt Class

Butter & Yogurt Class








Cheddar Class with Friends