Milk, Vanilla Milk & Yogurt

Thorncrest Farm's Fresh Cream Line Milk 
For the Love of Fresh Real Milk & Yogurt...

 "The Magic is in our Milk"
Pasteurized & Non- Homogenized
Proud to be Rsbt Hormone, Pesticide, and Antibiotic free Since 1983

Would you like to know where your milk comes from?
We can actually show you which cow, tell you her name, her family history and what makes her milk so smooth and pure.
Contented cows give sweet milk. Caring for cows is an honor and something we take to heart. Producing milk is not just about placing milk into a bottle, it's about cow comfort, cow care and cow health - environmentally and personally. 
Important factors that separate Thorncrest Farm Milk from others are... one, we incorporate a slow pasteurization technique, two, our  milk never goes through a pump system. This allows the milk to remain whole and intact for optimal health benefits and to ensure the purest milk for your enjoyment. Three, we milk in individual pails so we can milk each cow separately to create the perfect blend for our milk, cream and butter.
We don't know of another farm offering pasteurized milk that has never been through a pump. It makes all the difference.
Our Whole Cream Line Vanilla Milk is slowly pasteurized and infused with Madagascar Vanilla beans which provides a subtle natural vanilla flavor with no added sugar for pure enjoyment. 
To enjoy your milk fully, please shake your milk prior to opening as the cream on top will be quite thick and rich.
Please note, these items cannot be shipped and are for curbside pick up only.