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Thorncrest Farm, LLC & Milk House Chocolates
280 Town Hill Road
P.O. Box 3
Goshen, Connecticut 06756

  1. Clint: 860-307-6244  - The Farm and The Open Talon
  2. Kimberly: 860-309-2545 |  The Creamery
  3. Garret: 860-605-7222 | - Farm Information, Aged Cow Manure Compost and Hay
  4. Lyndon: 860-307-6644 | - Farm Information, Wood Milling and The Open Talon 

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Please remember that we are a working dairy farm, so occasionally the stable hours will need to be flexible, based on the weather and the farm work schedule. This is to ensure the safety, health & comfort of our cows. The ladies are always our first priority.