Today's Chocolates and Truffles Menu:


Each week at the creamery, depending upon the seasonal availability of fresh herbs, fruits, pumpkins, etc, or special Holiday flavors, or depending simply which cow's milk I am working with that day, the menu for our chocolate flavors change.  Below you will find today's current menu highlighted in PINK

Thank you and Bon Appetit!

Today's Menu: Monday, July 15, 2024 

 For the ultimate fresh flavor experience, we recommend our truffles and chocolates are best consumed by: August 2, 2024. Please note this is not an expiration date and does not apply to the chocolate bars, non pareils, barks & caramels as they have their own dates.


 We would be happy to have your order ready for you upon arrival, so to place an order for pick up service:

1. Place your order online and choose the PICK UP option on the check out page and we will send an email to let you know when your order is ready for pick up.

2. NEW! To Choose your chocolate flavors for your order, visit our new Bespoke Chocolate Box Collections page here:

3. Call ahead 860-309-2545  and place your order.

4. If you have a pick up order, when you arrive, if the store is busy, come to the pick up window and we'll take care of you right away.

For pick up orders, please allow us time to prepare your order. Also, specific flavors of chocolates may sell out during the day, so we will accommodate your order as much as possible.

Chocolates & Truffle Menu: Milk House Chocolate Truffles

Dark Chocolates:

  1. You Have My Heart – Pure solid dark chocolate
  2. Lavender Dark Chocolate – (oval shape) A dark chocolate ganache infused with a blend of English Culinary Lavender covered in dark chocolate
  3. Cointreau – (square) A dark chocolate ganache infused with Cointreau with a true deep dark chocolate and citrus flavor
  4. Key West Kiss –(round swirl shape) A coconut and key lime ganache covered in dark chocolate
  5. *“Creedance’s” Dark Chocolate Madagascar Vanilla – (round with fluted edge) A super creamy Madagascar Vanilla ganache covered in dark chocolate
  6. Madras Curry Dark Chocolate(orange design on top) A smooth slightly spicy Madras Curry ganache covered in dark chocolate

  7. Coconut Dark Chocolate – (heart shape) A smooth rich chocolate coconut ganache covered in dark chocolate
  8. Passion Fruit Dark Chocolate (rounded square ) A fresh passion fruit puree infused ganache enrobed in dark chocolate
  9. *“Supreme’s” Dark Chocolate Raspberry (round with lined circle on top) A fresh raspberry ganache covered in dark chocolate
  10.  Dark Chocolate Double Espresso – (bean shaped) A deep dark chocolate and espresso ganache covered in our 79% dark chocolate
  11. Tali's Delights - our homemade peanut butter covered in dark chocolate lightly sprinkled with sea salt
  12. Hazelnut Nib Crunch Dark Chocolate Truffles (cacao nibs on top) A chocolate and piedmontese hazelnut ganache with cacao nibs enrobed in dark chocolate
  13. Dark Chocolate Truffles - a pure smooth dark chocolate ganache rolled in Valrhona cacao powder

 Milk Chocolates:

  1. Milk Maids Irish Creams - ( round swirl) a milk chocolate and Irish Baileys Cream ganache covered in milk chocolate
  2. *“Supreme’s” Milk Chocolate Raspberry (braided swirl) A fresh raspberry ganache made with Supreme’s milk, cream and butter covered in milk chocolate
  3. Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Gianduja  – (rectangle with flower design) A milk chocolate piedmontese hazelnut Gianduja ganache covered in milk chocolate
  4. Mighty Mocha – A smooth creamy milk chocolate coffee ganache covered in milk chocolate
  5. Amaretto Milk Chocolate – (octagon) A creamy milk chocolate ganache infused with Disaronno Amaretto covered in milk chocolate
  6. *“Creedance’s” Milk Chocolate Madagascar Vanilla – (round with fluted edge) A super creamy Madagascar vanilla ganache covered in milk chocolate
  7. Honey Cinnamon Creams  – (honey comb with a bee) Goshen is called the "Land of Milk and Honey" - this chocolate combines the milk, cream and butter from our cows with local honey for a smooth creamy ganache covered in milk chocolate. Milk, Cream, Butter & Honey all from Goshen, CT.
  8.  Mr. Ives Mint – (Square with Fleur de Lis on top) our fresh garden mint infused ganache covered in milk chocolate
  9. Cheesecake Milk Chocolate – (round with daisy pattern) A creamy cheesecake ganache covered in milk chocolate
  10. Coconut Milk Chocolate  – (heart shape) A smooth silky creamy coconut ganache covered in milk chocolate
  11. Almond Praline Milk Chocolate  – A fresh ground organic almond praline dipped in milk chocolate topped with a roasted organic almond
  12. Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate - our homemade peanut butter covered in milk chocolate
  13. Milk Chocolate Chip- (shell shape) A Creamy vanilla ganache with milk chocolate chip morsels covered in milk chocolate
  1. White Chocolates:

White Chocolate Mango

  1. Dairyman’s Delight (dome with pineapple on top) A delicious coconut, pineapple and rum ganache enrobed in white chocolate
  2. Harper’s Mango (dome with swirl design) A fresh mango ganache enrobed in white chocolate
  3. Supreme’s” White Raspberry Creams (spring flower design) Fresh raspberry ganache covered in white chocolate
  4. Solid White Chocolate 
  5. Lemon Sour Cream Poppy Seed – (rectangle) Fresh sour cream, poppy seed and lemon ganache enrobed in white chocolate
Chocolate Bars: (3 oz. Chocolate Bars)
    1. 40% Milk Chocolate Bar 
    2. 40% Milk Chocolate Roasted Peanut Bar 
    3. 40%Milk Chocolate Roasted Almond Bar 
    4. 40% Milk Chocolate Cranberry Bar 
    5. 79% Dark Chocolate Bar 
    6. New: Dark Chocolate Raisin Bar
    7. 79% Dark Chocolate Roasted Peanut Bar 
    8. 79%Dark Chocolate Hot Habanero Sea Salt Bar 
    9. 79% Dark Chocolate Roasted Almond Bar -
    10. 79% Dark Chocolate Cranberry Bar -
    11. 79% Dark Chocolate Crystalized Ginger Bar 
    12. 100% Dark Chocolate Bar 
    13. White Chocolate Bar 
    14. White Chocolate Cranberry Bar - Small Batch No. 3
    15. White Chocolate Roasted Almond Bar - Small Batch No. 7
      Roasted Organic Chocolate Covered Nuts (8.5 oz box):
      1. Roasted Organic Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds
      2. Roasted Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds
      3. Roasted Organic Milk Chocolate Covered Peanuts
      4. Roasted Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Peanuts
      Chocolate Bark Collection ( 8 oz. boxes):
      1. Milk Chocolate Trail Mix Bark
      2. Milk Chocolate Granola Bark
      3. Milk Chocolate Peppermint Bark
      4. Milk Chocolate Almond Sea Salt Bark
      5. Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt Bark
      6. Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Bark 
      7. Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark 
      8. White Chocolate Cranberry and Cacao Nib Bark 
      9. White Chocolate Peppermint Bark 
      10. Neapolitan Bark

        Chocolate Covered Fruits (in their own box):

          1. Orange Batonettes - glazed Orange rinds dipped in dark chocolate 
          2. Lemon Batonettes - glazed Lemon rinds dipped in dark chocolate 
          3. Dark Chocolate Enrobed Apricots  fresh plump apricots enrobed in our 79% Dark Chocolate 
          4. Milk Chocolate Enrobed Apricots - fresh plump apricots enrobed in our 40% Milk Chocolate
          5. Dark Chocolate Enrobed Ginger Fine slices of crystalized ginger enrobed in dark chocolate 

           "Daydream's Pecan Caramel Turtle Box of 16 Turtles: $48.95


          "Daydream's" Caramels (4 oz.  box):

          1. "Daydream's" Butter Caramels 
          2. "Daydream's" Sea Salt Caramels 
          3. "Daydream's Maple Cream Caramels - Seasonal
          4. "Daydream's" Lemon Butter Caramels
          5. "Daydream's Coffee Caramels

          Chocolate Nonpareils (in bags):

          1. Dark Chocolate Nonpareils 
          2. Milk Chocolate Nonpareils  
          3. White Chocolate Nonpareils 

          Chocolate Lollipops

          1. Milk Chocolate Lollipops
          2. Dark Chocolate Lollipops
          3. White Chocolate Lollipops

          Chocolate Covered Pretzels (in bags):

          1. Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels 
          2. Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels 

              Fresh Pasteurized Milk:

              1. Whole Milk 
              2. Vanilla Milk 

              Yogurt (round containers):

              1. Yogurt - whole milk 16 oz container 
              2. Yogurt - whole milk 8 oz container