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Thorncrest Farm, LLC & Milk House Chocolates
Clint, Kimberly, Garret and Lyndon...
We love our cows and look forward to sharing them and their home with you.
Thorncrest is a true family farm dedicated to excellence in animal care and farming.

Proud to be voted "Best In Connecticut" 2015, 2016, & 2017

The Magic of Thorncrest Farm
BY GENEVIEVE GEARITY ~ Photos by Constance Schano

Kimberly and Clint Thorn feed their cows the finest, sweetest hay and natural feeds resulting in their signature cream milk and delicious artisanal chocolates, Milk House Chocolates, made with fresh orchard fruits, garden herbs, and honey.
If you ask Clint and Kimberly Thorn for the secret to the success of their family business, they will probably say, “the magic is in the milk!” And indeed, everything about Thorncrest Farm’s meticulously loved and curated life, starting with the milk, is pure magic. From the moment you turn onto Town Hill Road in Goshen and drive beneath the arching canopy of leaves above you realize you’re about to encounter something really special.
When approaching Thorncrest Farm, with the management and maintenance of Clint and Kimberly’s two sons Garret and Lyndon, you come face-to-face with a cow barn so perfectly in sync with feng shui it would make your yoga teacher blush. The family farm’s core focus is simple: the comfort and happiness of their cows. And this is the key to everything – recognizing each cow’s individual flavor in the milk, and ensuring that flavor isn’t compromised by never allowing the cows to be stressed out.
This place is basically a bovine Eat, Pray, Love. “The whole barn is designed for flavor, and flavor comes from lack of stress,” says Clint. “Any kind of stress shows up right away in the milk… that’s my job, to keep the cows really stress-free.”
The barn is built so the cows’ heads or tails are aligned perfectly with the earth’s magnetic field. The ladies are facing either east or west, and the barn doors on either end open up to precisely polar north-south. This arrangement ensures for a relaxed environment, and a perfectly cool cross-breeze that swoops under the cows’ bellies, pushing the hot air up through a circular gap in the ceiling.
A thousand other factors are taken into consideration in the Zen of Cows. Anything from which cow is sitting next to which, to the hay they eat and the comfort of their beds can directly affect the flavor of their milk. After going out to pasture in the morning, the cows come back to their barn to relax on a bed of straw and thick, rubber mats.   Read More:

Thank you for your interest in Thorncrest Farm's cows, pure milk, and chocolates.