Seasonal Holiday Flavors Collection

These holiday chocolate flavors are a taste of the season - I've created these special chocolates too accompany your festive Holiday table.

Each chocolate gift box has an assortment of our artisanal made seasonal holiday chocolate flavors which include:

Pumpkin Pie Milk and Dark Chocolates, Eggnog Milk Chocolate, Cheesecake Milk Chocolate, Mr. Ives Mints in Milk and Dark Chocolate, Supreme's Raspberry Creams, Apple Spice, Gingerbread Milk Chocolate, Peppermint Bites in Milk and Dark Chocolate, Amaretto Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Butter Rums, and Dark Chocolate Black Currant.

These chocolates will accompany your Holiday table and festivities

This Seasonal Holiday Collection is only available until December 30th.