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Artisanal Chocolate Bars

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Our artisanal chocolate bars are made from 100% Fair Trade Organic cacao nibs (chopped roasted cocoa beans), which we conch in our creamery to our fine chocolate liquour - the first step in our chocolate making process - creating our signature chocolate flavor and smoothness.

Our Signature Chocolate Bars include: (3 oz. Bars)

1. 79% Dark Chocolate Roasted Almond Bar - this bar has a full chocolate flavor, slight bitter notes and a smooth finish with the addition of organic roasted almonds.

2. Milk Chocolate Roasted Almond Bar - our milk chocolate bar has a full milk chocolate flavor, not too sweet with a creamy smooth finish. It is topped with whole organic roasted almonds for a crunchy wholesome texture. 

3. 79% Dark Chocolate Cranberry Barthis bar is a beautiful combination of our 79 % dark chocolate and naturally sweet organic dried cranberries.

4. White Chocolate Cranberry Bar - our smooth pure white chocolate has a creamy texture and lots of milky flavor. The addition of organic dried cranberries just makes this chocolate bar a pleasure to enjoy.

5. Solid Milk, Dark or White Chocolate Bars - simple and pure -  Enjoy them as a bar or grate them into a hot cup of our signature milk for an unbelievable hot chocolate drink.

6. 100% Dark Chocolate Bars: Dairy & Sugar Free (2.8 oz Bars) - created from organic fair trade Peruvian cacao nibs, this 100% bar is silky smooth with hints of black tea and rich chocolate flavor.